Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello Dollies!

Hello Hello!
I'm Alaina.
(On the Left. I couldn't separate myself from my BFF, Chrisy, she's my sister at heart.)

I'm 17 (Gasp! So weird to type that).
I've been meaning to make this blog, FINALLY!, right?
Hopefully I'll post regularly.
No! I plan to!

So here I am, to talk about pretty much EVERYTHING!
My view on life, fashion (!!!), my random projects and secret plans, music and making music, film, photography, books, working at a Mexican restaurant, making friends, being friends, boys, and dailly happenings! Everything!

With some cooking, homework, and interesting school assignments and Alaina assignments thrown in.

So, enjoy!

Listening to: God Help the Girl.
Wearing: blue jean shorts in the cold of winter!