Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From the Spiral (Part 2): My Boyfriends

(From the Spiral- My Wednesday rant of randomness, from my scattered brain to yours!)

     I am a girl of many crushes. So, staight from my brain and my heart, I present a compilation of my favorite men.
1. Thomas Mars
(Photo via Dear Jane)
     After those two photos, what more do you need? He's the Parisian boyfriend of Sofia Coppola, the father of her children, AND frontman of the band Phoenix. He also rocks blue oxford shirts like nobody's business.
     I just want to go to a Phoenix concert so I can scream his name and grab my bestfriend's hand and say, "He's sooo cute!" over and over again. It's that kind of love.

2. Jason Schwartzman
(Photo via Band of Outsiders)
     I probably fell in love with Jason when I saw him in The Darjeeling Limited. Subsequently, Marie Antoinette, Shopgirl (I would've chosen him too!), and Fantastic Mr. Fox deepened my love. He's married to Brady Cunningham, who styled him in this month's NYLON Guys, and is a fashion designer. Swoonworthy, right (Both Brady and he.)?
     I just want to see him so the world can stop what it's doing and I'll feel it spinnning while I take a peek at him over my mug of hot cocoa at a cafe in LA and then haunt the place in hopes of seeing him again. It's that kind of love.
     Also, he makes music as Coconut Records. Christmas came early and brought you this gift. Enjoy.


3. Wes Anderson
     He dresses well and makes beautiful films = I like him. (Spike Jonze does too, but I wouldn't be allowed in his filmmaking club. Their tree house smells like piss anyways.)
     I just like to watch his films, discuss his use of color, and look at pictures of him wearing velvet bowties while imagining I get to tie them and style his wardrobe. It's that kind of love. 
Honorable Mention/Real Life Crush Type: Justin Long

     Baby Justin. Whatta babe. I dig his haircut.
     I just wanna be his best friend and run my hands through his hair and ask him (innapropriate) questions.

     Note: I'll fix this prolonged mind-numbing moment of man-worship later. Promise.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Medicine

Welcome to the work week! I'm super excited to announce that I might actually be DOING WORK this week!
Things that need to be done:
1. The creation of my college list. (I CAN DO IT!)
2. The detailing of my car. (For new and improved Fall freshness!)
3. The buying of school necessities. (Because it HAS to be done!)
4. The making of bow ties. (For school day flair!)
5. The making of (end of summer) clothes. (CHEER! YAYA! Ahem. More on this later.)
6. The partaking and planning of end of summer madness. (A Drew & The Medicinal Pen show?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ? ! ?? !!)
7. The creation of a fall reading list compiled by my friends, a.k.a. YOU!
8. Finishing my summer reading. (You go Jekyll and Hyde! You rulin' my Victorian world.)
9. Working on the most awesome From the Spiral (Part 2) in the whole wide world. (You wait and see. YOU WAIT AND SEE.)
10. Making sure that all of you think I'm crazy after all is said and done. (Duh.)
(Photos via Knight Cat)
I want to make clothes like this. Mmm. (You shall see!) 

Finally, Chupee by Cocoon. My friend included this in a mix cd she made for me. So brilliant.
Roll them sleeves up, it's a week until everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) goes back to school. If you wanna school 'em, you gotta start early.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Do Work! A.K.A. What Turned Into A Lover Loving Post

Just some Friday inspiration! I really need to do some college, portfolio, mental, physical, and back to school all around preening, shopping, cleaning, and uplift.

(Photos via Liebemarlene)
     Lover. I love this label from down under. And their FW 2010/SS 2010 collection entitled Untitled is exquisite. Because of Lover's location, this collection consists of both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter pieces. I love the duality of both and how one could incorporate pieces from both seasons into one outfit, regardless of hemisphere.

     Also, I am enamored with the orange (and yellow coat- check it out!) at work in the collection. The silhouettes are also breathtaking. The belted kimono-inspired coats, shirts, dresses, and pantsuits become wearable in this collection. Scalloped edges and lace (allover and peek-a-boo) also give the collection depth. Last but not least, the long skirts remind me of Annie Hall and the 1970s and make me want to wear a nice wool one to school all year. (And the sweaters! I love knits.) 

     I love the fact that this collection offers Fall and Spring inspiration just when I feel drained of all inspiration. (Enough boo-hooing. It's time for me to sleep. I need to recharge sooo bad.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From the Spiral (Part 1)

So my friend Ian has decided that my mind is like a spiral.

"With a dude in the middle just spinning and going, 'Ahhhh!'" But I don't think it would be a human male. Maybe a squirrel. I prefer to think my mind is shiny and sparkly like the surface of the ocean or American Apparel gold lamé.
But that is all neither here nor there. A new weekly blog feature is being brought to the table. I call it, "From the Spiral." Basically, I'm going to post something that has been floating around my mind that is so comepletely random, it hurts all of you normal thinkers' brains. So, without further ado, I give you round one of "From the Spiral." Ding ding!

They Might Be Giants - Doctor Worm 

Monday, August 16, 2010


(artwork by Katie Daisy of The Wheatfield)
Let's Go Anywhere. 'Cause that seems to be where this life is taking me. All I wanted to say was, "Lookit, a new blog header!" I arranged the pictures, and my friend Jill did magic with the lettering. All while in a sweaty post-run diner haze.