Monday, August 29, 2011

Youtube Porn


   Here are some videos I've been crushing on lately: 
   1)The Muppet Show Theme Song by OkGo. Genius! Have you checked out The Green Album yet? P.S. OkGo has the best music videos. P.S.S. I can't even wait for the new Muppet movie

   2)Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. I know, I know. But boy has PIPES! And have you SEEN him???? Total guilty pleasure.
   3)Hellcat Spangled Shalalala by Arctic Monkeys. Probably my favorite band ever next to the Kinks. For lovers of Alex Turner, 1:59 is the perfect moment.

Have fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

Have you seen the lookbook for Rodarte for Opening Ceremony F/W 2011 yet? 

   Pure magic, right? To me, it's dreamy Scandinavian knits meets updated 1930s glamour meets a modern Jane Eyre. Absolute beauty. 
   The mustard yellow (!!!), the beautifully subdued Fair-Isle, knit skirts, my dream dress, and the fact that most of the pieces are separates blows my mind.
   Excuse me while I go pick my jaw up off the floor.

(All photos by Autumn de Wilde and can be found here.) 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Ganni Fall/Winter 2011 & a Rant

Here are some more of my favorite pieces/looks from Ganni F/W 2011:
   Looking at these makes me weep for my future business professional self. I hate dressing within the lines of what conservative homemaker's husbands have deemed as socially acceptable. All that comes to mind are bad Easter dresses and nude pantyhose. Oh Catholicism! How growing up near you but not in your inner-circle (thank God!) made me feel like a freak of nature at school functions in a tribal print puff-sleeved dress next to this. But that's just how I feel. (Hello college!)
   But then again, that IS all bullshit and maybe I'll just end up living in an apartment that I've decorated to look like Pee Wee's house in his Big Adventure and make crafts all day. All I can really say is to bring on the corduroy, wool, khaki, and chambray--your Easter dress will pale in comparison to my office kicks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

There's Magic in the Music: Takagi Masakatsu

   When I was little and my dad was in the military he went on a deployment to Japan. I was learning to play piano at the time and used to play improvised songs on the black keys with each note strung together by the sustain pedal that I called my "Japanese Songs"--Oh, to be nine! "Flow" instantly reminded me of those songs. (Click the link to see a music video!) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ganni F/W 2011

After I saw this sweater by Ganni for their F/W 2011 collection I want to knit something similar in some really off color, like bright orange or a pastel purple. Some color I've never worn before.
But who can choose between these two silhouettes?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hardcore Girls

I love M.I.A., and her girl Rye Rye is every bit as fly as my girl Maya.

My friend and I like to joke about how M.I.A. is my alter ego- and a great alter ego she is!