Sunday, January 24, 2010

Skirt Pics!

Hello Hello! Here's the promised picture of the infamous "tutu" skirt/dress! (I'm just wearing my friend Kristen's leotard underneath.) Wheee! I adore that thing. My mom and I made it for Winter Formal of Junior Year and it turned out nicely, no? Well, there you have it! I have nothing more to say. (Two layers of tulle in each color, and a liner. + some ribbon. And my mother's old Anne Klein jewelry.)
Have a Wonderful Day!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hey dudes! Sorry for the lapse. It was midterm week! AIEEE!

But, generally, I'm here to dish on formal, which was last week, tehehe, but there's nothing much to say! I made that skirt though! And got my hair done with the fabric in the braid.
And took some pics at my place, and went to Chad's to take a few more, in which he decided he liked Pico Tico, a Mexican candy we had lying around which I detest! EL SABOR DEL TAMARINDO!

Ewwwww. So now that that's over. We went, we danced, we laughed at people, we had some freakouts, the dj was questionable but played Phoenix, which I enjoyed. (Pretty much because everyone else was like "Whaaaaaat???")Then, we went home, ate cherries, sat around in jammies, and watched Amelie.
P.S. I wanted to post some cool pictures of the skirt and alos LookBook it, but alas, it slipped my mind to do that the night of, so I'll take some pics, and share later! Or make a flickr?? Hmm...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Conan, Conan, Conan.

Don't leave me Conan. I WILL resort to tears. All of the good times, all of the jokes involving OJ Simpson's motorcade? That time you toured LA? That turkey? The tickle-me Elmos? Don't do this to me.

Chief One-Feather

This is the chief one feather sweater. Found at Goodwill, by my mother. J Crew. Es bellisimo, no?

Thank You. An Alexi Wasser-esque blog post.

A letter to you, sophomore indie-babe boy:

Yes, I know, this junior girl crushing you from afar might be obnoxious, she sent you a candy cane, with her name accidentally on it (i feel so embarassed typing that), stalks you in the halls, etc. etc.

Maybe she's sorry, maybe she's not. Truth is, she hasn't done something this silly for a boy since the 7th grade (we are NOT talking about that.).

So trudge on with you Harold (and Maude) haircut, crazy eyes, skinny frame, and beat-up black adidas sneakers. They are a classic.

I know that I will probably always be battling this affliction, the sophomore-boys-that-I-know-are-no-good-for-me mind trip. But I will survive. I am intrepid. (Not to mention I'm not going to play the let's-mess-with-a-younger-boy's-mind-while-I'm-with-someone-who's-not-any-old-someone-la-la-la game.)

Yes. I am steadfast. Yes. I am strong. Yes. Keep wearing those plastic bag "Thank You" t-shirts, listening to Bob Dylan (or so I hear), and being the indie-creeper of my schoolday dreams.

Not to mention how mad I am about not being able to get someone to take his picture today on a dress down day so I could post it as street style.

Insert depressed sign here.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Day!

So I wake up today, groggy and warm, and my mom tells me school is cancelled. In disbelief I go downstairs, check the listings, and WHOOT! No School.

I was really antsy so I didn't know whether or not to just force myself to go back to sleep, or run and take a shower.

I slept. But only until 10:30. What is this?!

A miracle.

So, I decided to "harvest" some wool (yarn) from an old gap sweater.
So. Tedious.


But I really did win the yarn lottery when things went from this:

To this:

Whatever, it was totally worth it.
I listened to Nico, hung out with my puppydog, Hercules, and watched Arrested Development.

And I already have a 2-Hour Delay.