Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Day!

So I wake up today, groggy and warm, and my mom tells me school is cancelled. In disbelief I go downstairs, check the listings, and WHOOT! No School.

I was really antsy so I didn't know whether or not to just force myself to go back to sleep, or run and take a shower.

I slept. But only until 10:30. What is this?!

A miracle.

So, I decided to "harvest" some wool (yarn) from an old gap sweater.
So. Tedious.


But I really did win the yarn lottery when things went from this:

To this:

Whatever, it was totally worth it.
I listened to Nico, hung out with my puppydog, Hercules, and watched Arrested Development.

And I already have a 2-Hour Delay.

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