Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Ganni Fall/Winter 2011 & a Rant

Here are some more of my favorite pieces/looks from Ganni F/W 2011:
   Looking at these makes me weep for my future business professional self. I hate dressing within the lines of what conservative homemaker's husbands have deemed as socially acceptable. All that comes to mind are bad Easter dresses and nude pantyhose. Oh Catholicism! How growing up near you but not in your inner-circle (thank God!) made me feel like a freak of nature at school functions in a tribal print puff-sleeved dress next to this. But that's just how I feel. (Hello college!)
   But then again, that IS all bullshit and maybe I'll just end up living in an apartment that I've decorated to look like Pee Wee's house in his Big Adventure and make crafts all day. All I can really say is to bring on the corduroy, wool, khaki, and chambray--your Easter dress will pale in comparison to my office kicks.

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