Friday, August 20, 2010

Do Work! A.K.A. What Turned Into A Lover Loving Post

Just some Friday inspiration! I really need to do some college, portfolio, mental, physical, and back to school all around preening, shopping, cleaning, and uplift.

(Photos via Liebemarlene)
     Lover. I love this label from down under. And their FW 2010/SS 2010 collection entitled Untitled is exquisite. Because of Lover's location, this collection consists of both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter pieces. I love the duality of both and how one could incorporate pieces from both seasons into one outfit, regardless of hemisphere.

     Also, I am enamored with the orange (and yellow coat- check it out!) at work in the collection. The silhouettes are also breathtaking. The belted kimono-inspired coats, shirts, dresses, and pantsuits become wearable in this collection. Scalloped edges and lace (allover and peek-a-boo) also give the collection depth. Last but not least, the long skirts remind me of Annie Hall and the 1970s and make me want to wear a nice wool one to school all year. (And the sweaters! I love knits.) 

     I love the fact that this collection offers Fall and Spring inspiration just when I feel drained of all inspiration. (Enough boo-hooing. It's time for me to sleep. I need to recharge sooo bad.)

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