Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Medicine

Welcome to the work week! I'm super excited to announce that I might actually be DOING WORK this week!
Things that need to be done:
1. The creation of my college list. (I CAN DO IT!)
2. The detailing of my car. (For new and improved Fall freshness!)
3. The buying of school necessities. (Because it HAS to be done!)
4. The making of bow ties. (For school day flair!)
5. The making of (end of summer) clothes. (CHEER! YAYA! Ahem. More on this later.)
6. The partaking and planning of end of summer madness. (A Drew & The Medicinal Pen show?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ? ! ?? !!)
7. The creation of a fall reading list compiled by my friends, a.k.a. YOU!
8. Finishing my summer reading. (You go Jekyll and Hyde! You rulin' my Victorian world.)
9. Working on the most awesome From the Spiral (Part 2) in the whole wide world. (You wait and see. YOU WAIT AND SEE.)
10. Making sure that all of you think I'm crazy after all is said and done. (Duh.)
(Photos via Knight Cat)
I want to make clothes like this. Mmm. (You shall see!) 

Finally, Chupee by Cocoon. My friend included this in a mix cd she made for me. So brilliant.
Roll them sleeves up, it's a week until everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) goes back to school. If you wanna school 'em, you gotta start early.

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  1. I don't want summer to end. And I'm nervous for this From the Spiral. But SUPER excited!