Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Do List!

PRESENTING: The Most Awesome To Do List! You've Seen in a Long Long Time
(Subject to additions.)

1. Go Camping.
Camping Camping Camping! Yess!

2. Go Kayaking.
I even have a kayak now. Maybe I'll go kayaking when I go camping.

3. Sell my mountain bike for a pretty little cruiser bike, and buy a cute cruiser bike. With a basket! Like this:
Also, I'm a big sucker for streamers. But I'm not five years old anymore. Sadness.

4. Get all of my homework done. (WHICH I SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW!)

5. Finish my prom dress. Or, ahem...start it. (I ONLY HAVE A WEEK!)

6. Finish the skinny ties I've been meaning to make. Finishing the skinny ties = eventual uniform tie fashion takeover. That's right. You heard me.

7.Start a vintage clothes etsy/ebay shop? Chliche, yes. I don't really care.

8. Go. See. Phoenix. In. Concert.

9. Find my dreammmmm! Sheesh!

10. Add something to the inspirational bathroom project at school. (I'll post about it later, promise!)

11. Make a pinhole camera!

12. Steal some daffodils from some vacant lots before they all die out. (And put them in the basket of my future bike!)

13. Get my wicked flowered leather bracelet back from someone who has it.


15. Figure out how I want to cut my hair. Maybe like this:

16. Clean my room.So that I can actually spend time in there without just lying in my bed and falling asleep.

17. Buy more records.

18. Make some new friends by just introducing myself. Scary! I know!

19. Wake up early. And pack a lunch!

20. Sing to a large audience. Again! And a song I love.

(P.S. I think that the picture up top is the most perfectly decorated classroom I have ever seen in my life. Even Preschool. Even Kindergarten.)

1 comment:

  1. great list! i really want a bike with a basket too!! i'm in the process of finding one right now. i've been looking for sure : )
    love the hair cut idea. bangs rock!
    hope prom was/is amazing.
    if you finished your dress, i want to see!
    & yes start a etsy! i love etsy : )
    pinhole camera sounds like an awesome idea. if you do make it maybe you can post a tutorial? :o)