Monday, October 25, 2010

After a Long, Grueling Weekend,

   I'm ready for a calm, relaxing week. If those exist. I can make them exist if I want them to, right?
   I don't know what it was about this weekend that made it so intense, but it was probably the fact that I was sick. Also, don't you feel like there is always this frantic energy in you that's trying to get the most out of your weekend? So you do something after school/work on Friday, work a little bit on Saturday morning and then hightail it out of the working frame of mind and go out/stay in with friends?
   I refuse to play that game this coming weekend. I'm going to rent movies, wrap up in blankies, drink pumpkin spice lattes...OH WAIT. I have a race this weekend. Oh man. Still, I will be trying to slow down, yet get work done. Maybe that's what this is...I avoid work and then in the end, am overwhelmed...oh well.
   Enjoy the videos, Mr. Blue by Catherine Feeny reflects how I felt this weekend. As for Restless, Gus Van Sant's up-coming film, I was told that the costumes seemed to be styled by me. Sigh.



  2. this looks like a really good movie!! i'm definitely going to have to watch it.