Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Back!

   In the wake of an all-nighter spent cleaning my office and preparing for a two day trip to Virgina I decided to act on my urge to start this thing back up again and keep it going.
   I write this as I struggle to stay awake, knowing that in the event that I fall asleep, I'll become a raging monster fighting tooth and nail for sleep.
   So, I plan on taking a nap in the car, and (fingers crossed) having someone in the car wake me up by yelling something like, "FIRE!" or, "THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED AND ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN THEIR DESTRUCTION OF THE EARTH!", or (most favorably) "OH MY GOD. ALEX TURNER AND KID CUDI ARE MAKING OUT ON THE MEDIAN WHILE PLAYING A DUET."
   You know, to get the adrenaline pumping.
   See you (God willing) later with posts on music, summer reading, and the things I've been sewing, knitting, and reading this summer.

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