Monday, September 5, 2011

There's Magic in the Music: OK Go

I'm sure you've seen the infamous treadmill video and the equally amazing Rube Goldberg video, even the wacky A Million Ways video. Point is, the gang's been pulling these crazy stunts since 2005. I love this band, and they put on a wicked good show. Plus, Damian's pretty easy on the eyes, no?


  1. Awesome. I love all of their videos, but I'm especially partial to End Love - probably because (for the most part) it's so simple, but it's still so interesting to watch! Not to mention, their music is great even without the videos being as cool as they are.

  2. You just love the stop-motion-esque-ness.
    Miss you, bud!

  3. Miss you too! How's Kent State treating you?