Wednesday, October 26, 2011


   Here's some summer reading catch-up for you all.

1. Snuff- Chuck Palahniuk 
   This novel is about the porn industry. Specifically focused on Cassie Wright, a fictional aging porn star who hopes to break the world record with 600 men on screen in one day. (Palahniuk, people.) The story is told from the perspectives of Mr. 600, the man who got Cassie into the industry, Mr. 72, an adopted 20-something who claims to be Cassie's son, Mr. 137, a TV has-been who hopes to jump-start his fading career with Cassie as his publicity stunt, and Sheila, Cassie's assistant.
   It's a quick read, yet can be slow at times. I dug the narrative style and how information was delivered in snippets by each character. Definitely worth the read due to intrigue, a very strange premise, Palahniuk's writing style, and various surprising tidbits about Marilyn Monroe.

2. Fight Club- Chuck Palahniuk
   You all know what this one's about. You've seen the movie, think Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden is soosuperhot/badass, and think Marla is absolutely insane (but she's totally relate-able, READ IT). The film is great. The novel is great.
   If for nothing else, just read this for the writing style. The screenwriter (Jim Uhls) did a great job at infusing Chuck's style and the fast-paced, insomniac ridden vibe that runs throughout the book and film. 
   Not to mention that it's filled with useful quotes to help start your next office revolution and possible Project Mayhem chapter. 
Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave
Go on, forward that to everyone in the office/class.

3. The Average American Male- Chad Kultgen
   This book pisses me off and makes me want to barf. Is that what it's supposed to do? Is it a jab at angry feminists? Is it a jab at how women act towards men? Is it a jab at how men act towards women? Is it a jab at how men act in general?
   I want to smash the patriarchy, but at times, this book made me laugh out loud. It was candid, funny, and is the male version of my tongue-in-cheek diary. (Still pisses me off and makes me want to retch.) Also, you have to take a moment to look at the two women in the book and shake your head over how we let men influence us.

   RISE UP, LADIES! Read this book. This is the insider's handbook. 

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